It's a Poopie One!

We got #2 people!!!!!

Yep, that’s right all on her own. I thought Vayda was playing around again and just saying that she went poopoo to get some stickers and candy but she really did!

I undressed her to take a bath and she took off to the bathroom (running of course, she runs faster naked haha) saying she was going to go potty. Of course I thought ok, we’ll try and then stick her in the tub.

Vay: “Momma, mooommmaa, MOM!”
Me: “Yes baby, I’m coming”

She was standing there buck-naked, pointing at a teeeeny tiny poop, but it was indeed in the potty! Oh my goodness, I have never been so excited about POOP! Haha. I was so happy and started to call Vic. “Papa come see, we have poopie!!”

It’s like I didn’t know what to do next, I just wanted to celebrate. Then it hit, wash your hands Vay! We washed her hands (and other parts ;). Got a sticker and 3 M&M’s. She was glowing!

She got in the tub and all that was going on was happy poop talk. We kept saying how proud of her we were...the little mocking bird that she is, she was also saying how proud she was.

After her bath I toweled her off and of course she ran away while saying, “Super Vayda". That girl loves being naked! Not even a minute later she said she wanted to go poopie again for candy. And what did she do?! Yep, poopie again haha! But this was not a teeny tiny one…it was not cute haha. We still celebrated and of course Vay got 3 more M&M’s. For your sake, I did not grab the camera for this one. After dumping out the poop in the [big] potty Vic and I asked each other, now how do we clean this out? Not only is this her first poopie time….it’s ours too! Nothing a little cleaner with bleach won’t kill ;).


Made ya's here first poopie!!
More adorable Pics from the evening....

Vay was helping Moma cook and wanted to wear my apron.

=] this makes me happy!

Papa love!! :)

1 comment:

Ritz said...

YAY Vayda! poopie, poopie.

That first picture looks just like you when you were little.


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