Yup, that's right! We are on our way to making our little family, a little bigger. We are 12 wks along...and SOOO excited!

When I took the at home test, Vic and I both thought that I was a lot further along then I actually was. We went to the Dr and she set-up a ultrasound appointment to see exactly how far along I am. When the ultrasound tech said I was only 7 wks I thought I was going to cry...only because my morning sickness was just beginning. And that just meant I had plenty more on it's way.

So far the pregnancy has been healthy...super healthy if you include morning sickness. They say every pregnancy is different, and boy are 'they' right!

With Vay I didn't experience any morning sickness. With this little one I think I got it all. It wasn't as bad as some stories I've heard but it wasn't a breeze either. I think it was about a month that I went through my share of ginger ale, ginger candy (thanks a TON Jen!), morning wellness tea, preggie pops (eww), toast, and sea bands. I think I tried it all. Luckily, I think (hope and pray) the worst is over. Food still does not taste the same or sound good right away but at least it's going in and staying in =P.

My last Dr. appointment (at 10 weeks) I got to hear the little, but oh so strong heartbeat. I don't think it matters if it's your first or fifth, it's still such an amazing thing to hear!

Does Vayda know? Yes! She will go back and forth whether she is having a baby brother or baby sister...and whenever she sees my belly she asks to kiss the baby :). I know there will be some jealousy, but we will do as much as we can to prep her...and us haha.

And so the adventure is just getting grander and more exciting...more to come!


Lindsay Estrada said...

Congratulations! How exciting! So happy for you all!

Vic, Libby + Vayda said...

Thank you Lindsay!! :)


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