Bottle Free and Potty!!

Last week we stuck to our guns finally took away the bottle….for good. Although I’m glad I don’t have to clean the tedious bottles anymore (which I began to DESPISE), Vay doesn’t want milk anymore L. We were going through Milk gallons like crazy, now she has no interest because it’s not in a bottle. She always asks for Juice or water in her sippy cups. When I try to out milk it’s a battle…I have to play along like it’s the most amazing drink in the world and momma wants it haha. Sometimes it works. For the time being I am making sure she takes her vitamins and gets nutrients elsewhere….suggestions welcome!

On another note, Vayda is beginning to go potty in the potty!!! Yay, Potty times!! No #2’s yet, but we have had a few #1’s! For a reward Vay is getting stickers and M&M’s. The first time she went pee in the potty I was so excited and gave her a dumb dumb….not a great idea =|. After a while Vay was still glowing (sugar glow I’m sure) and I couldn’t wait for her to be finished with it…not the best idea before bed time. From now on, M&M’s.

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lynda delgado said...

Yea Vayda!!!! Good Job!
I love you. xxxooo Oma Lynda


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