Our big little girl - 21 months old

A lot has happened in 9 months! Vayda is so active for a 1 almost 2 year old. Here are a few of her favorite phrases/words:

“Touchdown” Which was one of her first words! Hands up and everything
"come on" - she will say this while pulling your hand
“Please leche” – please milk
“poopoo in da potty and get a sticka” (working on it haha)
“mimis in la cama” – go to sleep in the bed”
“I fated” (I farted) I know, what a little lady =\ haha
“swing batta batta” – Swing batter batter
“hit n a miss” – haha yes she is a baseball girl!

My favorite – when she sees anything that says Padres or a picture she screams “GO PADRES!” hahah too cute, although it did scare me the first time she did it!

Oh man, there are so many more but I can’t think of them at the moment. It’s so amazing to see those wheels turning and her learning so much everyday!

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