Penny Mae, 8/26/14

About 2.5 years later, here is my birth story for our PMA, Penny Mae. Better late than never, right?!

2 days before my 28th birthday and about 3 weeks before Penny’s due date. I was uncomfortable all day and was having Braxton hicks contractions. Vic was getting ready to head out to a show to see Murder City Devils and I was pacing back and forth. Nervous. All I could think was, what if I go into labor tonight and he’s at a concert!? Remember, this was a valid fear since Lori was born on the sidewalk…

He kept getting ready while asking if I wanted him to stay. I felt like the contractions were getting stronger and my nerves kicked in. I told him that I needed to go to the hospital. At this point the pain was getting stronger and I was worried everything would move just as quick or quicker than it did the last time. We grabbed our bags, asked a friend (Penny's Godmother) to meet us at the hospital to stay with the girls and away we went.

We checked into triage and then waited. Belly hooked up to the machines and nothing. As my nerves calmed so did the contractions. Full of different emotions I didn’t know what to think. I remember looking at Vic, sitting in the chair, eyes closed wishing he was at the concert and feeling AWFUL (probably why it's taken me this long to write her story). I wanted to be excited about the baby on her way but felt SO bad that he was missing a concert he had waited for, for so long. We sat and waited some more. They said it was only Braxton hicks but to stay due to my labor history. So we paced the hospital halls to see if any progress would be made. The pain left but I still had contractions pretty evenly spaced. The girls were in the lobby with now most of our family. We sent everyone home and they put Vic and I in a room. This was it. I either went into natural labor or they induced since I was already there with small contractions.

Excited and disappointed at the same time we sat. I remember doing squats in the room while he slept through the night so things would happen naturally. I got to 3cm dilated…that was about it. The next morning, 8/26/2014 labor began to progress much quicker! By this time I was hooked up to the Pitocin to induce labor and it was doing its job. Contractions were MUCH stronger. Family now in and out of the room time began to fly. I remember sitting on the medicine ball trying to keep a conversation through contractions. One time Vayda and Lori were even in the room and I tried to hide the pain during a strong contraction lol. Moments later I got the epidural, things calmed down and the Dr. said it was time to break the water. I wish I had time stamps for each step because my body kicked into gear the moment she broke my water. There was a huge gush. She left the room, came back and said it's time. I looked at Vic, the Dr. said to push and we didn’t even have time to ask people to leave the room. In hind sight, I’m so glad we had who we did in the room. This being our last baby we got to share the amazing experience with my mom, Samantha (my niece) and Tia Mini. 

Penny Mae was born on August 26th, 2014 at 11:03AM. 6 lbs 5oz and 19” long. Our family of five is complete. 

Next day, my 28th bday. Best gift ever!!

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