Brave Birthday Party, the Big FIVE

Nov. 2013

I feel like I wrote Vayda's birth story just days ago, I can't believe she's 5 now! To catch you all up, she turned five back on Nov. 2nd....yes, I've got a lot of blogging updates to do. But what better way to jump back in than with a birthday party post?!

We went through months of watching Brave on repeat. Vayda was obsessed! Naturally, my mind was running wild with a million ways to incorporate the movie into the party. I tend to have a million ideas and be disappointed with the little I am able to do, but I have to tell you, this one was a fun one. Even if I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do.

For the invite we had a mini photo shoot at a park nearby. Took her bow and arrow and outfit of course. I then used these great arrows from irocksowhat blog to complete the look of the invite.

adorable teddy graham snack bags made by Tia Mini

party bags with the DunBroch Clan colors

Originally I made these whisps for the front yard, they ended up in the centerpieces. If it did it again, I would make 3-4 smaller whisps for the centerpieces and keep the larger ones outside. 

Amazing cake, inspired by pinterest. Made my Sweet Sisters Bakery in Chula Vista, CA

dessert table 

I love my mom, she added those branches to complete the look :)

before the ping pong table was loaded down with food.
side note: throw a table skirt on that thing and it was perfect! 

And we cannot forget the ponies! That's right, my MIL said about 2 years prior that she was going to get ponies for Vayda's 5th birthday...she sure followed through. They were a hit! I told the girls to enjoy it because this will most likely never happen again ahaha. 

After a little while my birthday girl slowed down. She got a bit cranky and wasn't her normal party know, the last one in the jumpy, running a muck with all the kids. I didn't realize till that night after all the madness she was coming down with a cold! She has such a high fever that night :(. All in all it was a good party despite that cold. She bounced back a few days later to play with her presents :).

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