Back & Feeling Better Than Ever!

I'm back, I haven't had any desire to blog and have felt too busy to sit down and write. Well maybe there was too much to write about and I didn't know where to start. I'm going to try and catch up with home updates and family updates but first thing is first. You can't have a happy healthy home and family with out being healthy and happy yourself, right? Right. 

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another.”

Every year I have the same resolution, I’m going to get fit and be healthy this year, this is my year. And of course, I always slipped back into my bad habits.

I finally woke up. I was tired of wondering how I would look and feel had I stuck to eating right and exercising. I decided enough was enough and I was going to do it. No more wondering where I’d be at now had I just stuck to the plan. It takes time to transform physically and mentally (man it’s been a HUGE mental battle for me personally).

down 11 lbs and bloat I'm sure

I've stuck to it. I made no more excuses, packed my gym bag every day, looked at it and knew I’d have to go since it was already there. I got used to changing at lunch (which was an excuse before, I wouldn’t want to change in the middle of the day haha) and enjoying that warm uninterrupted shower after a good sweat. After a while it became a habit.

I think about this everyday, and it's true!
I'm now getting comments from strangers on the weight loss they see!

I started C25K (Couch to 5K) and that kept me going. It was kind of a personal game for me just trying to get to the next level. I’ve NEVER been a runner. Ask one of my best friends Val, she had me tryout for cross country in high school and I think I only made it a week, if that. Hah! I’ve now completed c25k and I’m continuing the program for a 10k. My first 5k is in August for my birthday…unless I get a bug to sign up for another one sooner. But I’m hoping by then I will be able to do the 5k painlessly.

I also challenged myself to a 30 day squat challenge (pic below), I made it to day 27. I pulled my hamstring and decided to stop there so I wouldn't ruin my running...I do see a big difference though since day one, sorry, not posting pics of my butt lol. I would admit I am kind of addicted to squats now. 


I have 6 days left to my 30 day liver detox….details on that to follow. And I'm restarting Turbo Fire. I’m on a roll and I don’t plan on stopping now. I’m not too tired to play with the girls and I feel the side effects after eating unhealthy. Let's kick it into high gear! 

Please join me on my journey, cause it’s a journey, nothing is overnight. Well unless you have the big bucks for lipo ;). 

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Ana Carneiro said...

Congratulations! Despite not having much weight to loose I always have that same resolution but only stick to it during the warmer months, so this is definitely inspiring! Keep it up!

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