VnL House Hunt: Letter to the Underwriter


Even though I share a lot on my blog, I’m actually a pretty private person, I never want to share too much. Especially house hunting I feel like if I share too much and things fall through I don’t want to look like a failure. But I’m writing this series to share our journey and possibly give insight to people who are beginning the journey/want to start their own journey and to look back one day on our own journey. I've also come to realize that it’s not us failing if things fall through, it’s just not the right one (I need to nail that in my head), the right one will come.

With that said, I’m going to let you in on a secret, we put an offer in on a house we LOVE. If this one is rejected the hubbs and I will be pretty bummed (to say the least). We are now waiting to hear if they accepted our offer. This stage of the game is not good for the heart. My heart won’t stop pounding, all I can think about is the house, what the seller is thinking, how we would decorate, when would escrow close, what if they say no and the list goes on and on. I feel like an elephant is sitting on top of my chest, but when I sit back and think about everything we’ve been doing to get to this point I smile, because you know what? I’m proud of the hubbs and I. We’re doing big kid things to set up a great thing for our little girls. Make sense? Am I rambling? I sure feel like it.

letter to the loan underwriter:
Along the way we were already approved for the loan amount we decided on day 1. The underwriting process was completed and that was that. After learning our way around the market, seeing house flippers come in left and right paying cash for homes on the spot and finding out that on every house we put an offer on so did at least 6 other families we went back to the drawing board. The hubbs and I reviewed our budget and decided we were good to go over what we originally planned to insure we get the house of our dreams and at least are able to offer enough to be on the top of the 6(ish) other offers. Since we had a loan approved already our lender advised that we write a letter to the underwriter explaining why we’re now asking for a higher loan. She said to make the letter personal and to the point. I didn’t know where to start so I went to Google of course lol. I really didn’t find too much. What I did find got the ball rolling and I went from there. I then sent it to my mom (thanks again Mama!) who proof read it, made a few tweaks, the hubbs and I signed it and off it went. We then got this response back from our lender a few hours later:

“Your letter is AWESOME!!!!  I already sent it to my manager and was advised you are qualified to purchase a home with a Sales Price up to [….].  WOW!!!!
So you are GOOD to go!!!!”

Ok I took out the amount number…remember me saying I like to keep some things private? They offered more than we even requested and more than we even want to spend, but that’s got to mean our letter worked :).

Below is a copy of our letter in case you or someone you know is looking for an example to write one of your own. I did take out our personal information but you get the gist. I hope this helps!

To: Underwriting Dept.
From: [your name]
Re: Request to Increase Home Loan Amount

Dear Underwriting Team [if you know the underwriter’s name throw it in and make it personal!],

We are writing to request an increase on our home loan from [first amount approved for here] to [new amount you’re requesting]. Since becoming more familiar with the house market and reviewing our budget, we now see that we can afford a higher mortgage and the home of our dreams.We have both been very diligent at maintaining our good credit together [add personal examples with how you’re doing good with your credit].

Here I added a paragraph about our income and showed examples of the length of our jobs and pay increases. The more examples the better. 

We are in a position financially to finally become homeowners rather than renters. With our monthly expenses and our budget of [enter your new requested amount here] we are a responsible family and will undeniably make the monthly mortgage payments with ease. We are looking forward to living the American Dream of becoming homeowners [make it cheesy and pull on their heart strings!] and truly hope that you can see we are capable of living that dream. My family and I look forward to working together with you as our Mortgage Lender and would be pleased if you allowed this lifetime opportunity for us. If you would like a reference letters from our employer we would be happy to provide those as well.

Thank you for considering and replying to our request.

Mr and Mrs. [your name] and Family

I hope this will help someone somewhere! 


Brittany Lea said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award :)


Libby said...

How exciting!!! thank you SO much Brittany :D


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