butt-chugging (?!) and THE BLACK KEYS!

Heard of butt-chugging? If not, it's when (mostly frat peeps) chug beer through their butt. WHAT? Serious...I don't get it. I actually just learned about this on news radio haha. By doing that I guess you get drunk 50x faster...

Today I would totally butt-chug coffee if I could. Make that espresso shots. I'm SO tired! I swear, having these kiddos and working full-time I'm the oldest acting 26 year old there is. My bed time is early and planning something on a weeknight is such a stretch. But last night was definitely worth the need to butt-chug coffee this morning!

The Black Keys on a Thursday night? Yes please! Enough's a little show and tell:
normally it's me that cuts off heads lol 

"Everlasting Light"

before their set 

the ladies <3 td="td">

Now to make it through the day...wish me luck. At least it's Friday! :) TGIF

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