Ryan's Journey 2012 - Update!

Please read my first two posts here and here if you're just now reading about my amazing cousin Ryan and his Journey.


you can watch this great news clip taken a few weeks back from my cousin Ryan and his fiance Meagan's house in Arizona:

Ryan & Meagan have been in Carlsbad at Project Walk going on their 2nd week now and he is doing amazing things already! Visit and "join" the Facebook page Ryan's Journey 2012, to see video updates, pictures and see him progress everyday. Not only has Ryan been a huge inspiration with his determination and his positive attitude, Meagan has been just as amazing with the support and love she gives Ryan everyday to keep it going.

Don't miss out on their story, great things are happening! If you feel moved or would love to help out Ryan in his journey, please visit Help Hope LiveProject Walk is all paid out of the pocket so any support given is deeply appreciated.

And spread the word!! :)

Happy Monday!

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