Friday's Letters, 9/21/12

Dear Hubbabubb - We made it through week one of preschool! I don't know if you feel the same, but I'm so emotionally exausted...this week lasted forrreeeevvvvvveeerrrr! But we made it. I love you. plus 40oz lol. (please don't kill me for posting these pictures)

 Dear Chargers - You're doing amazeballs so far, let's keep it up this weekend, ok? No questions asked.

who takes a bathroom pic after they washed toothpaste out of their shirt?! this girl. =|
 Dear Turbo Fire - You're my new bff. I do not plan on missing one day and I am determined to finish this whole program! Thank you for being $15 vs $150...that's just even more love coming from me. hah!

Dear Lori - I have always seen other babies fall asleep on a high chair but never my own....till this week lol. You are the sweetest little napper there is. :) love you to the moon and back! 

Dear Vayda - You are the radest preschooler I know! I'm more excited than anything that you get to learn new things and you're making new friends. We are doing our best to make sure your prepared for everything to come...but my apologies ahead of time because you are our first babe and we're learning with you ;). Thanks for hanging in there with us! love you higher than the sky and deeper than the sea.

A little WARNING to all: This is what happens when you bring your wife and two daughters to buy work boots. What's not shown is me dancing on the hubbs lol. he LOVED it. duh.

 "I knew this was a bad idea when we walked in." - VictorMack

Batgirl and her purse after a long day lol 

this little one could not sit still. 

right after he tripped on her ahaa
purse raid. =|

I get to do a little of this tomorrow with a few of my besties:
...YES! Be jealous ;).

That's it for now!
Have a great weekend!!

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