Memorial Weekend 2012

I'm dragging, can't seem to wake up and I am finally (as if I'm excited =|) getting the cold that has been lingering in our house the past few weeks. But ya know what? I had a great long weekend and a really good and much needed break from the blog. Absolutely no complaints here. I appreciate the positive feedback about taking a break every now and then. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that takes some me time. 

So on to our weekend. We spent Saturday evening with great friends at the Craft & Commerce in Little Italy. I'm not kidding you, everything was amazing. From the atmosphere to the food. I give it my LL stamp of approval for sure. I wish I took pictures of the food and drinks but I guess that gives me an excuse to go again in the near future ;). Seriously going to have to have a post solely on the restaurant. Expect one soon. 
Relaxing on a Sat night and talking it up with Chris.
stole this picture from Tyer :). 
Sunday we spent the day as a family, you know, the usual. Breakfast, swap meet and a rock'n roll show lol. We kept debating back and forth about our Sunday evening plans and decided to just go for it. We took the girls up to Santa Ana to watch Barbara Lynn and Tio Omar. One of the hubbs' best friend, Omar, was playing guitar for both Lil' Gizzelle and Barbara Lynn so we decided to take the girls to their first show. Yes, it was an all ages show. And they had fun! The whole night worked out perfect. We even had a booth so they could jump around and be comfortable in. And let me just say, the whole show was great but I thoroughly enjoyed Gizzelle's set. Her voice is ridiculously amazing. Check her out here if you get a sec. 

Happy Birthday Tio Omar! 

Here's a sneak peak of the rest of our weekend...
I'll post some more about the weekend tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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