And the Birthday Festivites Begin!

And so Lori's birthday festivities begin! I decided to follow my parents tradition with the girls, birthday pancakes in the morning! Since Lori is too little for a scoop of ice cream on top, I topped the pancakes with sprinkles :). I put sprinkles in the batter too but they just dissolved. Oh well.

Vayda gave Lori a little puppet show while I lit the candle

I think she was processing the candle...
like her fancy birthday girl headband?! 

haha this picture is hilarious! She did not think that candle was all.
Vay did her sister role well though ;)

love this face <3

and there you have it, this is how a big one year old handles her pancakes. 

Since papa had to be at work at 5am this morning we were missing him, but not to worry, this is just the beginning of the festivities! 


Rita said...

Happy Birthday Lori D!

Libby A. said...

Thank you auntie Ritz!


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