Friday's Letters 4/6/12

Yesterday is over. Thank goodness. 

Yesterday was Vic's procedure. It ended up only taking about 5 mins. Put him to sleep, shocked his heart (externally after all) and he woke up about 1 min later, if that. The Dr said he did very well and they were happy they only needed to shock his heart once. Vic said he was able to feel the difference in his heart beat right away. I on the other hand have never felt my heart beat so hard. My heart beat was in my throat, I think it was until we got home. 

So no we are on the road to recovery. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. This isn't over yet, but I have a good feeling about the future. Especially since we caught this early on and we can move up from here. 

Dear Vic, Thank you for being patient with my million questions all day errday making sure you're ok lol. You're a trooper and just like the nurse said, it's going to take work and positive thinking to keep you from going back. I love you more than you know. that is all. Dear Vayda, As much as I was telling you what Easter is all about I'm pretty sure all you care about is the bunny that brings all the goods lol. That's ok though, this is so much fun enjoying with you. Every moment. Dear Lucky, I've never seen a baby lounge as much as you do. It makes me crack up every time I turn around to see you plop down and lounge wherever you land. You're so stinking smart haha. Dear family & friends, thank you for your continuous thoughts, texts and calls letting us know that you're praying and thinking about us. None of that goes unnoticed. We are loved, thank you. 

Happy Easter Everyone!! 


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