Confession Wednesday [2]

Happy Hump Day & welcome back to confession Wednesday! 
I updated & added a link for Confession Wednesday link ups...check it out.

Confession #1 - After posting a new blog post I constantly check to see how many 'hits' I've had after posting. Almost to an annoying point...if you annoy yourself that's pretty bad, right?

Confession #2 - I'm a bad cook. I mean not horrible, but I'm bad at remembering recipes or being creative in the kitchen. I didn't really cook too healthy either but this is all about to change. With the new health issues going on I am trying new recipes out and exploring new ways that you can cook healthy and still have great flavor. 

 I can't believe I'm going to confess this but here I go. Confession #3 - I'm really liking the new Justin Beiber song, Boyfriend. I know. Horrible. Don't stone me until you've heard it. If you still want to throw a stone, make it a pebble?

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Karen Figueroa said...

Hey Libby!! About cooking healthy...I had to make that change about 10 years ago when Walter was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia (stomach tucked in his esophagus) It's easy once you have a good list of recipes and just try them. Having the right pans and pots makes a huge difference. Using little or no oil with those is a hit! I use grape seed oil and the spray oil a lot! I use the crockpot a lot too...especially leaving it overnight and having dinner ready in the morning. As far as creative you can do so much with so little, I use brown rice pasta and we changed to brown rice as well, whole grains. Now we all eat healthy...totally dislike cooking one thing for him and different for us. Happy cooking! :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

hahaha! Hilarious about annoying yourself with the hits. I do it too!

Karla said...

Haha yaii glad I am not the only one .. I am jumper on the Beiber wagon.. well at least for that song. You can catch me singing along in my car!
How cute is this link up!

Shannon said...

#1- I totally do the same thing. and #3.....LIBBY! I'm not sure we can be friends anymore haha

Rita said...

I love your new button. Gotta think about linking though... haven't blogged in awhile.

Justin Beiber?

Libby A. said...

thank you for the cooking advice Karen! I will take all the advice I can :).

I'm glad I'm not the only one checking on 'hits' lol!

And yeah, Justin Beiber =|. I can't name anyother songs of his, but this one has got me. I am a cheese ball, no shame lol


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