Confession Wednesday [1]

Oh hey! Let's start something new called, Confession Wednesday!
You don't have to get down and dirty with your confessions if you don't want to. If you do want to get stuff off your chest be my guest, who doesn't like juicy reads?! 
They can be simple..check mine out for today's CW. 

Confession #1 - I did start the Brazilian Butt Lift work out...but I didn't continue haha. I really didn't like how quickly he was moving through the moves and there really wasn't a form to them...I guess I already imagined myself twisting my ankle lol! Of course, that's not a good excuse and I know that after a while it will be easier, but this girl is over it...because I have another fitness plan...

Confession #2 - I invested in he 10 minute trainer LOL. Maybe this is two confessions in 1 (?) - I'm a total infomercial junkie and will believe it all. The 10 min trainer should arrive any day now as will my blog updates about the workout..I hope hah. 

Confession #3 - I wore a dress today to work that feels like it's WAY too short. It looks fine if I'm not walking. But once I start walking it rides up these too large for my liking hips and I feel like I'm not appropriate for work at all. If you're in the area, expect to see me driving to the mall/target at lunch. It's that or I'm not leaving my desk for the entire day. 

the dress used to fit fine lol - here I come 10 min trainer! 

So there you go, my first three confessions for confessions Wednesday. Want to join in? There is no form you have to follow...just confess lol. Grab my button for your post,  add your blog link below and spread some comment love. 


Rita said...

HA HA HA! I love confession wednesday!

I just ate a bunch of jelly beans, a peanut butter cookies and am about to eat 4 Andes chocolates, all in the name of trying to stay awake. It's not working.

Libby A. said...

Crazy!! That bb girl loves her some sugar :)

P.s. she's now dubbed my sugar baby ;]


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