Friday's Letters: 3.23.12

Dear Husband, 
I know in my heart of hearts everything will be ok. We are going to get through this and be able to look back and  say, "pssh. Oh that 'ol thing?!". 
Until then, I decided I'm going to be a ultra-protective, take over and manage everything,
 soup nazi kind of wife lol (I'm trying to stay tough, thank you for being so tough). 
-I love you more than you know. 
Dear VaydaCakes, 
When you said "My bones will bounce if I swallow my gum" I could not stop laughing. It still makes me smile when I think about it. I love you goober butt. 
Dear Lucky, 
It's been sooo much fun watching you be a little daredevil this week! All of your standing up without holding on and clapping at the same time is so much fun to watch. No rush on walking though, ok? I love you Darling. 
Dear new job, 
I am kind of loving you so far. Let's keep it like that, ;).
Dear BloggiBuddies, 
Anyone experience arrhythmia and or know someone that has and has had to have their heart shocked back into a normal rhythm? Doing research on electrophysiology and any insight, feedback, similar experiences would be helpful to hear. 

Thanks & TGIF!



Michelle said...

My dad had to have his heart shocked back into normal rhythm! They almost had to do it again on Christmas day, but the medicine finally kicked in and it started beating normally again. They haven't figured out what's causing it yet. Feel free to email me if you need more info!

Libby A. said...

Hi Michelle! Is he back to normal now or is he still on the meds? They gave my hubbs 2 more different meds at his last appt. I feel like that so much medication, but hey, I'm not a dr. lol. Thanks for commenting!


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