Countdown Begins!

So here I am, one week to go in this department, position, yadda yadda yadda. I'm so excited and ready for change! A little nervous of course, but more excited to take a step forward. I wish I had planned a few days off in between...oh well time to kick it up a notch!

In other news, VaydaCakes decided she was going to wear mascara this weekend. 
On our way to the park she asked to hold my mascara, I told her she could pretend but she can't open it. She did grreat, I even forgot I handed it to her. Well on our way home she was silent. I completely forgot that she had it and when I opened the car door to get her out....this is what I found.

I could not stop laughing!
for 3 yrs old that's not too bad, huh?
oh Vayda Vayda Vayda..
Darn pictures! As much as I save them right side up, they won't upload that way. Don't get a neck cramp! lol.


Rita said...

HA HA those pictures are worth a neck cramp. Vayda, Vayda, Vayda

Libby A. said...



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