We did it!!

Yep, we finally got tough and let Lori cry it out. Two nights in a row!

The first night was tough, she cried for 40 mins until she was out. She did wake up in the middle of the night and out of habit we brought her back to our bed.

Last night it went much smoother. She cried for about 15 mins and then was out....for the whole night! I think both of us were going crazy because we're not used to her rolling around and sleeping in odd positions, but I guess that's how it goes? We did have to move her a few times (her arm was over the bumper and hanging out) but I think she was fine.

This morning I woke her up as I was getting clothes out of their closets and she gave me the meanest face ever haha. The second I picked her up she hung on for dear life.

I know it's not sunshine and rainbows from here on out, but it's a start. I'm proud of Vic and I for sticking to it. We did sleep muuuuuuch better last night because of it, I'm sure.

Next is Vay...=|.

*As I'm writing this,
the hubby walked in with these gorgeous flowers...what a sneaky guy lol. Thanks babe!!!*

side note: I'm learning how to car shop. I'm an impulse buyer so looking and comparing is hard for my kind. Any advise will be well received.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT IN COURAGEOUS PARENTING AND LOVE! Happy Valentines to our 4 Arreguin valentines. We love you. Mom/Dad

Rita said...

It's been a few more days how is it going? Sometimes, love hurts.

PS I love your new banner!

Libby A. said...

Thank you Mom&Dad!

And Ritz, it's def tough love =\. It's been going really well actually. We're down to 5 mins max of her crying. The tough part is leaving her in the positions she falls asleep in :(. She gravitates to the corners with her face down in it. Sometimes even sitting indian style, folded over and face in the corner. We move her and she goes right back. that's prob the most iritating thing.

thanks =P


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