Lori Darling, Our Little Bean Sprout.

Lori is now 7 going on 8 months old! She has been eating baby food since 4 months and I swear she can not wait to bite into some solid food! This girl seems to be always hungry haha. She has 2 more teeth coming in, which will make a total of 9 teeth. And she's crawling!! She began crawling last week and is getting quicker by the second. She also just began pulling herself up to stand on the couch, table etc...time really does fly by too fast.
she prefers her belly

leaving a toy trail for her papa ;)

squishy face


Disney said...

Oh. My goodness. Look at those cheeks!! How do you stand it?? She's too adorable.

Libby A. said...

Thank you! Her cheeks are pretty massive =P


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