Growth Chart

First let me say, I NEED a new camera. With that said, here are the pictures of the growth chart I made for the girls' room. I started and finished this project when I was pregnant with Lori. I knew I wanted to make my own growth chart so I just took a stab at it. Now that it's completed there is one big thing I wish I could change, but for this being my first attempt I'm not too upset. For everyone else who is thinking about making a growth chart, take note of this (for most ppl it's probibly VERY obvious haha).

The thing I wish I had done different was not paint the canvas so dark...for obvious reasons. Can't really see where I marked Vayda's height, can you? haha. So yes, we will either use white sharpies (do they make those?!) to mark their height or some kind of fun 'n cute paper marker. Or maybe just use this as a peice of artwork haha.

 I'm sure there are easier ways to make these, I just had the artsy crafty bug going.

Materials I used:
  • 4 plain white stretched canvas
  • (deep =|) Purple acrylic paint
  • light blue, dark blue, black & copper paint acrylic paint
  • 3 different types of textured paper from Blick Art Supply Store
  • Mod Podge
  • metal hooks

Small Owl Stencil

Tip Junkie handmade projects


Rita said...

I love this! My girl could use a growth chart, hint, hint.

Libby said...

haha I'm on it! theme?


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