Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

It's February 10th, 2011. I am 6, almost 7 months pregnant. Baby Lori Darling is as active as ever in my belly. I feel and I know I am MUCH bigger in this pregnancy than I was with Vayda. Pictures coming soon...I know, I'm lagging =\. But all is going great and I'm a happy pregnant camper :).

The majority of my thoughts have been consumed by a list of crafts and projects I want to get done. Weird right? Well you may not think it's weird but I am not kidding you...I cannot stop thinking about what I want to make and have done before the baby is born. I feel kind of OCD about it...but I am going to say this is my "nesting" period of time that started really early in the pregnancy.

Now, not all my projects and crafts have to do with the baby. They are just projects, crafts, gifts etc.

Enough talk, let me share with you one of my Christmas gifts. Some of you may recognize these because you received one of them (Ritz - I still need to send yours! Sorry :\).

Christmas Ornaments:

I got the idea for my ornaments here. I found these great glass ornaments that had a pearl shine to them at Michaels. Instead of the moss like the ornaments in the link above, I decided to use this dried twig stuff I found at a craft store near our house (I didn't have the patience to mess with the moss).
When I got home and began to make the ornaments I was (still am) so confused on how in the world they got their butterflies in the ornaments with out breaking the butterflies...I'm not sure, maybe mine were too stiff? I even went through all the blog comments to find the answer (I noticed others asked the same question) and still, nothing!
All is well though, I thought the butterflies came out looking cute on the outside ;). I opened the ornaments and stuffed a few branches in each using a pencil. Hot glued them shut and hot glued the butterfly to the outside. On the bottom of each ornament I wrote (with thin black sharpie) "Merry Christmas, 2010 Love the Arreguin's". Tied some ribbon to it, and wrapped them up! Here are a few more pictures of them...excuse the bad photos. I really do need a nice camera.


Rita said...

So pretty. send me one!

Rita said...

PS I love that your thoughts are consumed with crafts!

Libby said...

On it's way!!
I blame you and mom for my craft obsession!


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