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Here is the second gift I made for Christmas...The inspiration came from both my mom and sister.

I was talking to my mom about what I should get/make Rita for Christmas, this is harder than one may think because Rita is, what I like to describe as, "Thee Mexican Martha Stewart" and then some! If you know her you know what I mean! My mom reminded me that I worked on a logo for her and that I should make her a notepad with the logo on it. I thought that was a great idea! Not to mention I still hadn't thought about gifts for other people yet, so there you go...everyone (or most everyone) got personal notepads for Christmas!

I found the ream of paper that I thought would work out great, it's pepper white with a linen finish. If I knew more about paper I would explain more, but I went off looks when I was in Kelley Paper ;).

Next I bought padding glue (also at Kelley Paper). They only had a large container of let me know if you want me to make you a tear-off pad, I've got plenty of glue to go around!

I designed a logo for each person with their initials and went to town. I will post samples of a few of the monograms I created later. After printing each notepad (each were made up of 50 sheets) I began the glue process.

Welcome to my messy little factory:

To make sure the glue sets correctly and that all your paper stays aligned, you need to place something heavy on each pad of paper while you paint the glue on as well as when it drys. As you can see I improvised with whatever I had on hand for paper weights...after I made sure the bottoms were clean, of course.

More weights ;) Something I missed a picture of was the shiny card stock on the back of each pad to make them a little sturdier.
After the glue set and dried I added a few more personal touches before wrapping each. I added the ribbon around the notepad, a metal flower (which is used for scrap booking) that fastened through the ribbon and a piece of card stock with a split pin.

Megan's notepad is the one shown above. Her initials are MJS. Halfway through her notepad I changed her initials to MJD, since her and Sergio will be married this year, July 2011!
Juan's stationary

Sergio's stationary

My dad's - EFD

And for my mom, business cards.
Unfortunatly the picture of the notepad for Rita did not show very well. I made the logo a water print so it could still be a good size on the paper.


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Anonymous said...

mrs. a,

this is a really neat idea. any suggestion for invitations??


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