Vayda on the Move...

I haven't been on here for a month! So much can happened in a month it's ridiculous. This last month Vayda got to spend time with her Auntie Ritz, Oma, Uncles, cousins etc...It was a fun filled month. Rita finally got to see Vayda sitting up, sing (scream :P) and eat lots of veggies with her one tooth. Since then Vayda now has her two bottom teeth and the top ones are not far behind at all. If you dare to stick your finger in there you can feel the pointy ends of each one...that's if you dare, we do have a bitter haha!

About 2 weeks ago my parents came to visit for the day, Vayda was wanting to crawl but wasn't quite there yet. The very next day she finally got her coordination down and since then she is a girl on the move! If I'm doing something in the other room or kitchen, more often then not do I hear Vic say, "Incoming" haha. I know to look down and sure enough, there she is in the door way with her little/big eyes looking up at me...our first games of hide and seek. She loves to pull herself up to stand and if we are holding her hands she is talking steps...kind of :P.

We are less than 2 weeks away from Vayda being 9 months old, time is really flying by. This means I need to really start planning for her 1st birthday/baptism, yay! I will do my best to update this more often.
Sam's (hula) graduation Party.
Vayda's first day at the beach!!

She loved the sand!

Def a beach baby!

There are now words for how much I love her funny looks like she can't find the words either!

Checking out the boys. Already?!

trying to get a tooth shot.

Our water baby LOVED the pool! Best 1st Fourth of July =]

Swimming to the duckies!


Rita said...

she doesn't look like a baby anymore! where does it go? time, I mean...

post of video of her crawling!

The Three Muskateers said...

I think mom has a few of her crawling I have to get my hands on.

I agree, she doesn't look like a baby at all :(


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