Roller derby, tooth & 7 month milestone!

This last weekend Emily came into town and we got to see lots of fun stuff. We went to a few museums, coffee shops :) and roller derby! Vayda LOVED the roller derby. She was screaming out of excitement! I'm not even exaggerating haha.

She's had a tooth coming in few a few weeks now, I've been trying to get a picture but that's not been so successful lol. But man can she bite! :(
I'm 7 Months old today!!

7 month bday photo shoot! :P

Hanging out with cousin Emily
Yay gummy smile and Roller derby!

Check out her skates! She was ready!

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Lynda said...

Hey Roller derby queen, I love your pictures. It is good to see your antics and keep up with you until we are together again. I love you. Thanks Libby and Vic.


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