First Antique Drags Show in Barona for this race season

We took Vayda to her first drag races! The Antique Drags in Barona. After the fact we both decided it might have been too early. But it was fun. We left early in the morning (not as early as we were supposed to :\) and got on our way. It just so happened that it was one of the hottest days ever haha. Luckily there was a really nice breeze in Barona (actually better weather there than when we got back to SD). Vayda didn't seem to mind the races at all. When we first arrived and she heard the cars rev their engines she kept jumping a little bit (we did have ear plugs mom! =]), like it startled her. But after a few more revs she was ok lol. I ended up giving her an ice cube to suck on in her little teething net thing, which by the way is amazing, and she really enjoyed that. I let her get all wet, because it did dry about 5 mins later. We ended up leaving early and all in all it was a good day.
P.S. Notice she is in the big girl stroller? This was the first time we put her in there w/o the car seat attached. So exciting!


Lynda said...

How wonderful to be able to see you on the blog. Vayda, you are such a big girl! Thanks Libby for the details. I feel like we got to see her this week-end...well not quite,almost. Good to see the earplugs.
Luv you cutie, your O-Lynda

Justina said...

ADORABLE! Can't wait to see her again, it has been some time since the Chargers game -Justina


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