24 wks old already!

I don't know how this works...she is 24 wks old, so 6 months if you go by every 4 wks....BUT technically (?) she will not be 6 months old till the 2nd of May, right?!

Anywho, check out how much she is stretching out! I took these pictures this weekend, it was so hot I let her roll around in just her diaper, she loves that! I love it too, until she tries to take her diaper off! Hahaha. The other ones were fun times in the mai tai Rita made me. I LOVE this thing! I am able to actually get things done around the house =P.

Look at how long she is! Amazing!! =]

1 comment:

Rita said...

she is getting big! I need to come and visit before she become a little girl.

--I love that orange dress too! so cute


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