"Oh the Places You Will Go"

(btw, Vayda really said that lol, I asked her 3 times to make sure! hahaha)

Last Monday was Vayda's first day of Preschool! I was fine and more excited than anything for her...She's been so ready for school! Vic, well, he was not taking it so easy lol. Vayda I think was more excited than ever to have new friends.
new school kicks
I got to drop her off, pick her up and catch up on how it went all on the ride home. But it quickly went back to normal the next day and it hit baby is in school! Because of my work schedule and her school schedule I can't drop her off and pick her up...isn't that what moms do?!? I was a mess that Tuesday. Emotional mess to say the least. It was hard getting over the fact that I can't watch her and see how she's interacting with the kids and her teachers the entire time...and making sure she's paying attention, ugh that's the hardest. I have to let go a little. It's not the first time, but the first time I had to, it was when I came back to work and she was with family. I don't think it gets better than that. This time it's with strangers :(. I'm not there to make sure  she's not in danger, being impolite, not eating or has dirty hands. This is not fair, but this is life. All I can do is trust that she's being watched over. You better believe my mama bear instincts are higher than ever now =P.

night before her first day :)

before check-in

it's that papa bear protection

"oh the places you will go"

my ham. love her to death! 

attendance chart

her cubbie <3 td="td">

It's been two weeks now and I think we are getting into the new groove of things...Vayda is loving her new friends, teachers and the playground of course :).

More to come...


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