just looking around...

the girls putting on a show in Oma and Popi's backyard 
something tells me this is the first back there of many 
 Even though I've been a mom for almost 4 years now, hearing "mama!!" stills throws me off now and then. This morning I glanced in my blind spot while driving and saw the car seats and it hit me, omg I'm a mom! Here I am, driving an suv with not one but two car seats in the back. When did all that happen?!?

This probably sounds crazy to some...or can you relate? We live in such a day to day quick here and there routine that it's so easy not to sit back and take it all in.

It's pretty amazing and mind blowing that these two rad girls are ours.
Vayda's famous bow

And umm, I think my memory got worse. Not till a day (or maybe more?) after my anniversary post, did I notice that I added a year to my age =|. wow.


Oh hey! I'm featured over here at Lollipops today woohoo :)


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