We're going to do thee unthinkable. 

Long story short, my sister Rita and her family of 4 decided to make a trip from Maryland to LA for a quick visit with the family before her maternity leave is over and so we can all spend some sweet familia time together...especially with the newest babe, Elena Paz. Unfortunately our Oma fell (their great Oma), broke a few ribs and was unable to join us in LA. Not knowing when we will all be able to spend time together again we decided to drive to Arizona to be with my mom who is tending to my Oma and the rest of the fam bam. 

Tomorrow morning we will be packed in one car...carrying 7 people. 

3 adults
My dad, Rita & I 
 4 kids...all under the age of 4
(let's not forget about the pesky/huge car seats)
one breastfeeding infant
one toddler realizing she wants to run everywhere
one potty-training 2 yr old
and one Vayda that will definitely speak her mind...

Any bets on who will lose it first?! Might be my dad being the only male in the car hahaha. 
Anyway, the follow-up blog post I'm sure will be good and juicy...stay tuned :)

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If anyone can 1up this/did this and has tips and tricks..please do tell! 

1 comment:

Shannon said...

LOL! Omg that will be madness! I've been wanting to take a road trip up to San Fran but I just don't think Noey will handle that well haha GOOD LUCK!


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