"Babe, We've got bed bugs..."

Let me first say, we are far from a perfect family. I feel like my posts sometimes make it seem like we are all giggles, smiles, rainbows and blue skys. That is not the case. At all. Sure we have days/moments that are like that, but we also have days where I want to pull my hair out and scream or even hide under the bed to escape for a bit...and maybe, just maybe sneak in a nap while under there.  I do post the happy times all the time on here...but don't get the wrong idea. 

For instance, I have written in the past about our problem with Vayda not sleeping in her big girl bed and sleeping with us. Recently we came to terms with her sleeping with us and stopped trying. My new excuse, "we're co-sleepers". It's all good, right? Well it was. Until Lori stopped sleeping the whole night through in her crib. 

"Babe, we've got bed bugs. One is a little fatter than the other."

Haha, yup. They have BOTH been sleeping with us. Which normally results in Vic leaving and sleeping on the couch. This is not ok! The other night we tried to have Lori cry it out and guess what?! Projectile vomit everywhere. Even after Vic went in and picked her up..she threw up all over him. It was awful. I got the less messy end and jumped in the shower with her. Poor Vic had to clean the mess and start the washer. 

Glittery/rainbow side: I enjoyed that shower more than anything. I stood in the shower, her little naked body on my chest, I draped the towel over her as she kept her arms tightly wrapped around me and I was starring in the mirror. I'm never going to have that moment back and I def soaked it in. Her head on my shoulder still pouting about throwing up then a shower I'm sure, but she didn't lift her head once. And as we stood there for quite some time she was falling back asleep as I was shushing her. Adorable I know, don't barf lol.

After a few more mins she lifted her head and OMG her breath killed the moment...there's nothing like nasty vomit breath haha poor baby. We moved on with the night and that's that. We have 2 girls sleeping in our bed with the fear of another vomit filled night. Suggestions moms? 

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Rita said...

we had to let her throw up. :( It was gross but I think it only happened once more. I think we're meaner parents than you are.


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