Friday's Letters

Can I just say this week flew by like superman on a mission?! haha no but seriously, did it fly by for anyone else? No complaints here, just loving it. 

Dear Hubbs - Thank you for helping me cut the invites last night! It's so hott when you use a paper cuter lmao. and p.s Ryan Gosling said it's ok to hit snooze! 

Dear Vayda - You make me laugh everyday, I love it! I don't know where you pick up all of these grown-up phrases and words but it's hilarious (until you sound too much like a teenager, then we need to talk). Nonsense? Seriously, your'e 3! haha love ya crazy butt!

Dear Lori - I'm so glad I took that video of you toddling the other day because I swear overnight you became a semi-pro walker! I was so close to shedding a tear when you walked perfectly towards me in your big girl looking outfit and your new kicks (pics coming soon of the kicks, they are to die for!). Love ya baby girl! 

Dear new blog friends - I'm so happy to have you here and I hope you enjoy my little piece of the blog world. Thank you for joining us on our journey of crazy adventures! 

Dear new and old blog friends - I'm slacking in the "about me" section of my blog. I seriously do not like writing about me's. Any tips on where to start? Do I write my whole life story? What would you want to hear? How did you write yours? Thanks for the input! 


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