Confession Wednesday [5] Link party!

Today's confessions are short and sweet. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! 

Confession #1: I forgot today is my confession Wednesday link party! hahaha seriously. I woke up late, convinced Vayda we needed to get ready fast like super heros (I hope these tricks last forever), couldn't find her shoes so we called Papa. Found the shoes, ran out of the door, ran back in the door (forgot my phone of course) and we were off! Once I finally got to work, which, hallelujah the boss man is lenient on the time I come in, sat down checked my emails and took a breath. Later after answering some work emails and pouring myself some much needed coffee I realized, OMG it's Wednesday! So glad to see you Wednesday ;]. 

Confession #2: Some of my friends already know this but it is what it is. I can not stand the phrase Seriously, how cheesy is that? It sounds super 90's to me. If I hear it I won't comment, to each their own, but come on guys, can we pick a new phrase already? 

That is all for today, I hope we have some link ups this week lol. I would love to make this a fun blog hop. The Linkup will be open till next Wednesday. Simply link up your confession(s), kindly add my button to your post and spread some comment love. But most of all have fun with it. It's Wednesday, why not?!


Courtney B said...

Hahahaha! I've never understood why people say

Libby A. said...

right? It's not funny loL!


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