It's Friday!

This week hasn't been that bad at all, yet I'm thrilled that my workday is almost over and I'm on my way to a lovely weekend. This weekend we get to see my lovely cousin get married and the hubbs and I get to enjoy a little getaway. I'm a little disappointed that the family from out of town won't get to see the girls, but my Oma (grandma) even agreed that it's good he and I get a night away. So with her blessing *wink* we will def enjoy some R&R. 

Dear hubbs, I love that you don't even make a peep about me having my crafts and party supplies all over our kitchen table. Lori's party is a little less than a month away so we will have that space back in no time ;). Somehow I think you're not saying a word because you know that once we have a house the garage will have car parts all over the place and I'll have to keep my peeps to myself then. hah. Even trade....hmm maybe I can have a craft room in our future home? Just a thought. 

Dear Vayda Marie, You are always gonna be our Super Vayda. I will be so sad when you won't want to be super Vayda anymore. So until that day, your papa and I are cherishing these moments. Oh and please start smiling when I take pictures. You're making it look like you're miserable lol! 

Dear Lori Darling, You're sooo close to walking all on your own! Last night you took 5/6 steps and did great. Keep it up little one, we are all cheering you on. Literally, Vayda loves cheering for you :). 

Dear Patches, You've been gone for a month now and I still find myself thinking about you always. You were thee best dog and best friend hands down. From the day dad and I rescued you from the shelter to the day you passed you brought happiness to so many lives. I remember constantly chasing you down the street in my socks when you snuck out of the front door. You tried (and succeeded a few times) jumping over the back fence. I never saw a dog with that much life and energy. As you grew older and in pain your spirit was still always so high. You lived much much longer than anyone thought you could or would. You were a fighter, a true Delgado ;]. I've been carrying guilt because I wasn't with you as much as I wish I could have been for the past few yrs. I'm sorry for that. Everyone sure does miss you, but I'm sure you're having the time of your life running with out pain and peeing on everything in sight lol. I love you and always will.

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