*Update on the news I'm waiting on:
I won't hear anything until Friday.
Oh well, I need to stay busy. Otherwise I will lose it and you all will have to read my rambling on because I've lost it. See, it's already began hah!*

Whether good or bad news, I think this moma needs new work shoes! I've been wearing the same ones in a rotation for work and I think it's time to throw some new ones in the mix.

I'm thinking wedges. I loooove wedges. Whatcha think?

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

jcrew..why do you taunt me with adorable but insanely priced shoes?!

Source: via Priscilla on Pinterest

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Umm amazing! Anyone know where I can find these? the link from pinterest doesn't have them anymore :(. These would be perfect for work!

I'm not a big peep toe person but these are so freaking cute! I love bows.
Any wedge suggestions?

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