New Year Resolutions?

Pledge, promise, oath, decision, declaration. Whatever you may call it...did you make one for the new year? Start from a clean slate? New year, new you?

This is the first time I'm actually taking it serious. In the past I made resolutions but nothing concrete...nothing I can even remember for that matter.

So here is my list. I figured if I make them public the more I will stick to them.

On that last one, yes lose weight, but that is not only it. Of course I want to lose some elle-bees but I’m not going to stress myself over it. I am going to eat healthy, exercise often and not get down on myself when I do enjoy some of those amazing-ultra-high-calorie foods. Thank you Pinterest for supplying me with more than enough fatty-girl recipes…ok there are plenty of healthy-girl ones too ;). Point is, I'm not going to stress myself out over losing weight. I think the second I do that I lose site of why I'm doing it and the losing will take longer as well as the healthy part will go off the deep end. I will rebel against myself. I'm weird. I know.
I think they are simple enough. Have any you want to share? We can keep each other in check ;)



Shannon N said...

Mine are:
* to be healthier, I pretty much have the same philosophy you do, be healthier and the weight will come off as a result. No stressing, no deadlines. Just a lifestyle change, not a diet.

*to call out of work less. I suck at calling out ALL. THE. TIME. lol

*spend more mommy and daddy time, go on more dates.

* read more.

Libby A. said...

love 'em! now we can call each other out lol


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