Friday's Letters

Dear Hubbs,
I'm sorry I have thee worst memory EVER. It makes me sad. But I love that you remember all of the mushy stuff and dates, it makes me feel special and giddy (and like a bad wife sometimes :\). So I just looked up "How to combat bad memory"and one thing that helps is to eat sushi date? ;). I love you mucho! Happy belated, 'Ball and Chain' day!!

Dear Lori,
Please make it easier for me to let you cry it out in the crib. It breaks my heart when you stand there crying for us to pick you up. And frankly...we don't all fit in our bed. I don't know how your papa and I stay there without falling out! So please, take the hint and lay down with out a that too much to ask? haha.

Dear Vayda,
We NEED your cold to go away. The cough is awful and it's not fun watching you suffer these cough attacks at night. Like I told your cough yesterday, "leave my Vayda alone!" of course you reminded me that it cannot talk, but it was worth a shot. Also, I am SO proud of you going potty and wearing big girl undies day and night! I think it's been a total of 2 maybe 3 months now (my bad memory again)? You're a rock star! I knew we would get here soon:).

And a special note to
my niece in the belly,
Can you please help us out and send some brain waves to Ritz and Juan to maybe move back to sunny CA? Maybe with your internal support we can get the ball rolling so all of you girls will grow up with each other..just an idea ;). Oh and if they respond back positively, pass on this website.
I can't wait to meet you!

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Emily said...

Haha - the letter to your hubs is great. I adore that you looked up how to combat a bad memory and came up with such a practical solution. And who says it's a wife's job to remember all those dates?

Ashley Slater said...

you actually googled how to combat memory loss, I love it! I have some memory issues too, but it is because of my lupus. Stupid thing! :/

thanks for linking up, loved all your letters!


Kristal said...

Just found your blog from the Friday Letters link up! love it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Libby,
crying it out is not fun, take it from a kid whose mean parents have been doing it to me for over a year now. But let me tell you, it does get better. Each time we go through it (because my parents get soft and start coddling me at night and then we have to start all over) it gets better. At least Lori doesn't make herself throw up like I did. This week my mom started making me cry it out again, the first two nights I only cried for 2 minutes and the third was less than a minute. Believe me, I may cry but I sleep better.
Love, Lucia

Libby A. said...

thank you ladies for your awesome comments!! I love hearing from everyone and I love Friday letters :) (thanks for hosting again Ashley).

And Lucia - Tell your mom to read the last letter in the post!


Ana Carneiro said...

I just found out about this Friday's Letters 'thing'! I think it's great! Keep it up!


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