Tuesday Treats {2}

My Tuesday is off to a great start, no traffic, got to work with spare time to stop for some sbux and finally got to use my free drink voucher *bonus*! Nothing tastes more delicious than a free venti gingerbread latte(if it's free you might as well break down and get the venti lol).

This Tuesday I want to share with you a little trick my mom taught me. This is a fresh and simple way to make your home smell like the holidays and doubles as a warm tea. You may already know about this, so if you do, bear with me.

All you need is a few oranges, whole cloves, a few sticks of cinnamon and water. Push each clove into the orange, you can make a design  with the cloves (like the picture below) or just poke away. Place the oranges in a pot, add water (a little more than half of the pot), toss in the cinnamon sticks, turn your burner on medium and let it simmer. Simple as that! It will smell like the holidays in no time. If you want to add a hint of color, throw in some cranberries. To drink the concoction just strain and serve.

Side note: my dad used to walk around the house with the pot so all of the rooms had the Christmas smell, you can find me doing this when Vic isn't around to make fun of me haha.

Have a treat and want to share? Comment or email me!

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