My morning was hectic, as usual. It's a daily battle with Vayda in the morning to get her up and out of bed. Starting tomorrow I'm going to start some kind of reward system to get her going...rather than threats haha (any suggestions?). After finally getting both girls ready and out of the door I do my routine goodbye with Vayda at Nana Tula's house. It goes a little like this:

As I'm leaving...
Vayda: But wait! You forgot something!
*she starts to pretend to hand me a bunch of stuff*
Vayda: this and this and this
Nana Tula: Whoa that's a lot of stuff!
Me: Oh man, this is heavy! Ok I have to go, love you!
Vayda: Wait! I need to give you a kiss on the cheek but I have to think about it first...
*She pretends to think, then licks my cheek!*

Haha she thinks that's hilarious!! Oh how I love that spirit of hers! Not only did my daily goodbye routine with Vayda make my morning a little smoother, but Vic asked me if I wanted to get our Christmas tree tonight! Uhhhhh YES! haha. Ok, I'm a little obsessed with Christmas, but I'm not the only one, I have Vayda hooked too! I've been giddy all day, I can't wait to break out all of the decorations! Here a picture from last year, look at how much Vay has grown since then!

Vayda, tree hunting 2010
Anyway, can't wait for tonight! Tomorrow is the first, are you ready?!

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Yolanda said...

I love Christmas too! For rewards have you tried stickers? It works for my 4 year old nephew.

Yolanda said...

Btw I love the lights and my tree went up the sat after Thanksgiving :)

Libby A. said...

I wish were were organized enough to have done it sooner, that's awesome! I'm def going to try stickers! thanks! :)


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