Day of Firsts...Walking and Projectile VOMIT?!

Yesterday 09/20/09 was very eventful (I'm going to leave out the Chargers loss :)!

So for the first time without any coaxing...our little VaydaMonster decided she was going to walk (a few times it looked like running haha) on her very own! This was soooo begins the chasing ;]. I got a small taste of the chasing to come during the Charger vs. Ravens game :\. A little of that and man did I notice how out of shape I am! I really need to get back into shape. She is only going to move faster! The video is a little dark but you can see her moving...

Later that evening we got to the really fun stuff! Projectile vomit :(. For the first time our tiny little Vayda released a TON of milk haha. Sorry if that grosses you really threw us off! She had never done that before so Vic and I were kind of shocked for a min, then it came up again and we quickly got it together. Thank goodness she didn't have a fever, but a really bad upset stomach. We let her rest a little bit, gave her some water and went all over the place. :( I felt so bad for her! She looked uncomfortable and all she wanted to do was sleep. She slept for about 2 hours and we gave her some pedialite. Poor thing was so thirsty! She drank some and threw it up again. By that time we already had her sleeping on a big towel and were ready for anymore surprises. She finally kept it down at about 12:30pm/1am. She slept fine and woke up this morning asking for milk (sign language) with a big smile on her face.

YAY, Vic and I made it through our first night of vomit :).

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