Our 9 month old...

Excuse the picture phone pictures...

Quick update: She is now testing the waters and letting go of the table while standing, it's the cutest thing in the world! She lets go, looks around then gently sits down. I also recently taught her that when holding two objects and hitting them together makes a noise so we are experimenting with everything and bangs everything together...Vic claims we have a drummer ;) we'll see!

Our Target adventure...She was in awe when in the shopping cart. I couldn't get her to look at me because there was too much cool stuff to look at...(my Target baby haha)

My dad & I spent this last Saturday at the Bay just relaxing and bbq'ing with his new grill (I love it and want one)'s Vayda checking out the scenery. Once again, not interested at looking at me for the picture.

And knocked out after a long day of crawling on grass and trying to eat leafs (ewwww).

This is a follow-up picture about our sippy cup fiascos....she got!! YAY!

And last but not least...this is my attempt to get a teeth picture...I tried :...she has 4 now!! And yes, she is a bitter :(.

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