17wks - 20wks

We love rice cereal! :)
best invention ever! haha.

Finally got to meet Tio Juan!

Vayda trying to hold her cousin Cezar's hand.

Vaydacakes loves her exersaucer!

Tio Pichi w/ the babies...both of them were sleepy.

lounging around with her cousin Cezar =]

Sam & Vayda...getting some quality cousin time.

Finally I'm able to log on again...

Within this last month so much has already changed. As you can see Vayda has filled out a lot more! She focuses on things a lot more often and turns her head in our direction when we say her name. She had her first bowl of rice cereal this last Saturday (3/28/09) and loves it already...I don't think we will have a problem with solid foods at all! She is also reaching for EVERYTHING in sight! Now we need to watch her like crazy...she was even reaching for Bear (Megan's dog) the other night, I think she fell in love with him, she was smiling and wanted to touch him.

I think she will be sitting up by herself soon as well. If we hold her hands she will lift herself up...most the time she is more eager to stand up. If it's not standing, she loves holding her feet up and sucking on her toes :P.

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