Week 25

I'm sooo excited for this week for so many reasons! Yesterday we visited our new Dr. and she was great! She was so personable and we both felt welcomed at their office. We listened to the baby's heart beat, which is always awsome, and neat because she's big enough that you hear it right away, no searching my belly for awhile. Her heart beat is very strong :]! The Dr. also measured my belly and she said I'm right on target, I've grown 25cm in 25 our little girl is healthy which makes us happy.

Vic won the drag races at Barona this last Saturday, which was soooo exciting! He was titled "The King of Clubs" I can't wait till we can take the baby to see her daddy's first race! Below is Vic's winning race on video :] I'm sooo proud!

So far this last weekend and this week have been the best & I feel like nothing can knock me down I'm so excited about our wedding....let's get to Friday already!! =]

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~Rachel~ said...

Hey Libby-

R&J came home last night to pick up caramello and showed me all the fun photos... congratulations on all accounts! Your wedding looked lovely, and how special that so many were able to make it there for the reception!



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